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February 2012

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dannylionthe1st in moviewins

Rec and Rec 2

For those of you who don't know, shortly after Rec came out in Spain, Hollywood decided to buy the rights and remake it. The Hollywood remake "Quarantine" came out less than a year after the original (November 2007 for Rec and October 2008 for Quarantine). I've never understood the American audience and how most of them hate to read subtitles or Hollywood's need to remake NEW foreign work! Rec is all in Spanish but you can find a copy with English subtitles. I will admit I haven't seen Quarantine. I absolutely refuse! I've heard that Rec and Quarantine are pretty similar scene for scene. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the major difference is that Quarantine says that what's happening to people is virus base, while Rec makes it out to be spiritual (demon possessing type) base. However, if you're looking for a good horror movie or are interested in seeing the original I suggest seeing Rec. Manuela Velasco is the main actress playing a reporter who is doing a story on a firehouse station. She follows the fire fighters to a building where in they get trapped with some of the tenants. I thought her performance was great. She really seemed terrified. I don't usually watch horrors but this is a great horror and really scary. The last five minutes or so really left me creeped out. You are left with some unanswered questions, but do not fear.

Many unanswered questions that were left in Rec were answered in Rec 2. Not as great as the first one but still a pretty good. Even though I was watching on a TV I still felt anxious and nervous in the right spots. They did a great job with keeping you on your toes. The scares happen when you don't and do expect them. Only two actors return from the original cast (for good reason) but there is a new set of actors. A mini story from the first movie is continued through to this movie as well. This movie is a lot more religious base then the last. The last had a hint of religion but this takes it all the way. However, it's still scary and what happens to each character caught me by surprise.

In all, if you're a horror fan or wanting to get a good scare or you're curious about the original movie then watch Rec and Rec 2. They are shot "handheld camera style" but that helps give the movie it's scare. Both of them have a pretty good pace once the story is started and can get your nerves on edge. They are not dubbed in English but there are English subs versions out there. I say watch both.


Horror Movies

Yeah, currently it is becoming a trend with horror movies. And people are really loving to watch movies made in this fashion.